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Incline is a leading provider of Information, Analytical, Media, Communication, Middleware Development and Consulting Solutions in Southern Africa. Incline’s experience and expertise has allowed it to apply strategically sound direction in all aspects of the marketing and credit life cycles with ground-breaking success in all areas that impact on the growth and profitability of a customer portfolio. Incline works extensively in the banking, retail, insurance and micro loan industries in Southern Africa and Africa.

Incline DATA:  Incline analysts have an average of 2.6 university degrees per analyst making our analytical team one of the strongest in SA. Incline’s internal training programme develops strong competency in response, activation and persistency / risk modelling.

Incline CONSULTING seeks to use consulting engagements to share knowledge with internal stakeholders so that the solutions implemented are owned by the client. Our expertise lies in the areas of Finance, Project Management, Process Implementation, Risk, Systems Implementation, Business & Communication Strategy, Loyalty & Retention programmes.

Incline MEDIA specialises in innovative media planning techniques that bring exceptional accuracy into ATL media buying decisions. Our media agency status allows us to pass on relevant discounts to our clients. The unique ability to aggregate all lead sources within a multi-channel strategy has helped inform our client’s future marketing budget allocation based on best possible ROI.

Incline DEVELOPMENT has a unique rapid collaborative application development approach and philosophy that enables the team to build an architecture that allows for world class system solutions to be created and deployed within weeks. 


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