The Fundamentals of Interactive and Direct Marketing

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    8 March 2018
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    Full day
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    DMASA offices, Johannesburg
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Direct Marketing techniques are unravelled to form the foundation platform to give you the skills for successfully planning and implementing promotional activities.

Knowing how to apply knowledge and IDM principles is one of the key difficulties that marketing newcomers face within their companies. The gap between ‘ideas to implementation’ is often the missing link between success and failure.

This one-day programme will combine direct marketing principles with practical activities so you leave with a workbook containing not just theory, but practical templates and solutions as well, so you will be able to apply the techniques and use them in the workplace, whether you market just a single product or a multiple product range.

The outcomes of what you will learn and understand:

  • The fundamental principles of Interactive and Direct Marketing and how the key elements can be used for planning and conducting marketing campaigns and promotions using an interactive model.
  • How to identify the benefits and unique selling points of your product, and use this process to create key offers that will achieve responses.
  • Segmentation and targeting to identify and select your most profitable customers using lists and databases.
  • How to select and integrate different channels for a successful multimedia marketing approach.
  • How to track and measure the effectiveness & responses to your promotions.

Who should attend?

If you are new into a IDM role, or involved in any form of marketing, whether within a company or a supplier, and need to understand the scope of how far reaching is this sector of marketing, then you need to have a foundation platform to give you the knowledge to successfully implement your activities.

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