Why join

Membership of the DMASA brings with it numerous benefits. Listed below are some of the immediate services and benefits that are included automatically in your membership package.

​​Quarterly Newsletters and frequent Newsflashes

We keep you updated with what is happening in the Industry, nationally and globally, helpful information about privacy and compliance, events and DMASA activities.

​​Networking & Exposure

Workshops, events - to interact, share ideas, get into new ventures

Exposure of members – on website (profile and link), advertising at events as sponsors and on newsletter

​​Code of Practice

The purpose of the code is to ensure that communication with potential customers is factual, honest, decent, and informative and does not violate the laws of the DM Industry and its Acts.

The COP maintains standards, legal control and is self-regulatory


As an Association, we’ve been able to influence the decision of government when it comes to new Acts, this is proven as we were involved in drafting the Protection of Personal Information Act.

This means you get first hand communication of what is happening in industry legislation and have ample time to enable compliance.

​​Work Groups

Be a part of the working groups that review current and emerging subjects relevant to their area of focus

  • Postal
  • Financial Services
  • Ethics/Legal/DNC
    For people who do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes.
    Know who does not want to be contacted, clean your lists against ours, de-dupe,(request for more information to members@dmasa.org )


(Arbitration) We act as an alternative dispute resolution, working with the NCC, third person revolve, and your complaints are reduced and come to us buying you more time.

​​Assegai Awards

Recognises those who have produced excellent results in the DMI, guarantees you more business, the evening gala gives you a networking/interact with other industry leaders/ like minds. 10% Discounts on entry fee for members.


A 10% discount at all MarketingMix Conferences

​​DMASA Academy

Educational workshops and training sessions on Industry trends


​​Research and GlobalDMA

DMASA is a member of the GlobalDMA which brings together 46 DMAs around the world, to work together on statistics and industry surveys in the IDM.

Our members benefit from the interchange of information and ideas.

​​Contact us

Contact the DMASA to enquire about membership on 0861 362 362 or send us an e-mail to info@dmasa.org

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