About the Opt Out Service

Registering on The DMASA Opt Out Service (the Do Not Contact or DNC List)  helps consumers avoid being contacted by members of the DMASA (Direct Marketing Association of Southern Africa).

Do Not Contact lists are to be found throughout Europe and North America, where they are run in most cases by the national Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Many are divided into media (e.g. mail, telephone, e-mail, fax, and sms/mms) and are usually called “preference services” or “Robinson lists”.

The South African Direct Marketing Association set up its first Do Not Contact (DNC) List in 2006, as a service to help consumers opt-out of receiving direct marketing communications. Consumers may opt out by registering their e-mail, address, telephone and cell phone details online at www.dmasa.org. You can also opt out by contacting companies directly and asking them not to contact you.

How it works

Before they implement marketing campaigns DMASA member organisations use the service to 'clean' their databases of the contact details of users registered on the DNC List (except where the consumer has explicity opted in to receive the company's marketing).

The secure system prevents the member organisation from obtaining access to the details or names of consumers listed on the DNC list. The marketer passes its database through the system and if there are any matches these are flagged and blocked for marketing purposes. Billions of records are passed through the system.

Before you register

You should reflect on the fact that registering may prevent you from receiving information which you would like to have - thereby cutting you off from relevant and worthwhile opportunities. For example you may miss out on special sales or miss the opportunity to support charities use telemarketing as an economical way to raise awareness and much needed support. 

If you are happy to receive direct marketing contacts from some companies but not others, contact the companies who you do not wish to hear from and ask them to remove your details from their contact lists. Registering your details could stop all contacts from all companies registered with the DMA, including charities and voluntary organisations who you might want to support.


Register on the Opt Out Database!

This will take you to the Opt Out website, where you can register your details


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