Agency: Liquorice

  • Category: Social media platforms
  • Campaign: Battle of the Spreads

In photo: Terri-Anne de Sousa, Elrike Lochner and Emily Shaw


Quick chat with Geiroeneesa Bailey, Liquorice

Liquorice won 7 Assegais in 2015, including the Black Spear. What was your Battle of the Spreads entry about?  

Through extensive research, one insight stood out above the rest: the fierce rivalry between the consumers of two iconic South African spreads – Marmite and Bovril. Using this insight and the positioning of Marmite as a ‘ love it or hate it’ brand, we decided to put the two rivals up against each other on Twitter and let the public decide which is the better spread.

How many Assegai Awards?

We won seven in 2015

What does it take to be an Assegai Winner?

It takes an original idea, a great strategy and a unique execution.  

How does it feel?  

Winning an Assegai is not easy so to have some in our trophy cabinet is an incredible honour.

Advice to future entrants?  

Keep your entry simple and easy to understand.

Advice to students?  

Don't look to your left and right, be original.

Tell us about your journey to the Assegai Awards?  

The Assegai award has always been on our bucket list as an agency. A lot of hard work and brave ideas have brought us the reward of successfully winning the converted spear.

What are you reading now?  

Mostly just briefs :)

What do your clients value most?  

Creativity. From innovation to execution, our creativity delivers effective business results for our clients.

What’s your motto?  

Live your life with purpose.  

What challenges did you overcome to get your idea completed?  

A good idea is never without challenges. Client, legal, budget, there are many things that can try and make a bold idea more comfortable, easy to execute. Nothing worth doing was every achieved without sacrifice.