Companies around the world are leveraging data to drive more impactful marketing and advertising programs, and DMASA is preparing to help you take advantage of what they are doing. Last year DMASA participated in an inaugural international research study which culminated in the first comprehensive study into data-driven marketing practices. The study included responses from over 3000 participants from 17 global markets, including members of the DMASA in South Africa.

DMASA will participate in the 2015 study due out in the next few weeks, when we will send out invitations to Members. 

The goals of our study are simple: identify how companies around the world are leveraging data to drive their marketing and advertising programs, and use that information to help practitioners benchmark their own efforts and build actionable growth strategies. 

  • In exchange for the insights of Members who participate (which will remain individually anonymous) and less than 10 minutes of your time, you will receive a free copy of our study - The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising - when it’s published later this year.
  • The Global Review: Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising Around the World provides a fascinating insight into global adoption of data-driven marketing channels and techniques, maturity levels, investment sentiment, industry challenges and emerging trends for the coming year. It provides a worldwide view of the common ground and differences that exist in different countries and regions around the globe.

The comparative analysis across more than 20 global markets will include respondents from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy,Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, UK, and the USA.

Each Report will include an Executive Summary outlining key findings, prevailing trends and noteworthy market analysis, a commentary on global data driven marketing trends, as based on a synthesis of global survey feedback and regional “capsules” - drilling down on the data and trends observed in each of the included markets - and comparison to global benchmarks.